College Admissions Requirements

Four year colleges require at least the equivalent of two-three consecutive years of the same foreign language taken at the high school level. Middle school language courses do not qualify.

MA State colleges/universities require 4 math classes including one during the senior year and 3 lab sciences. ALL MCAS requirements must be met. Highly competitive colleges and universities look for students to take the most rigorous courses available during high school. Students are encouraged to discuss specific college requirements with their school counselor.


SUBJECT BHS Graduation Requirements MA State University Requirements MA CORE
(BHS students should strive for this course of study in order to be prepared for MA State and competitive colleges/universities)
ENGLISH 4 yrs 4 yrs 4 yrs
MATH 3.5 yrs 4 yrs (to include 1 in senior year)  4 yrs
SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY 3 yrs 2 yrs (including US History) 3 yrs (to include World & US History)
SCIENCE 3 yrs 3 Lab Sciences 3 yrs Lab Sciences
FOREIGN LANGUAGE 2 yrs (consecutive, same language) 2 minimum; 3-4 for highly competitive programs 2 yrs of same language
ELECTIVES 0 2 courses (from above courses or Arts, Humanities or Computer Science) 5 additional courses (equiv. to 25 credits)
PE/Wellness 4 yrs ---- 4 yrs
Arts 0 See electives 1 yr