PeaceBuilders Pledge

Dear Parents/Guardians,

       We have adopted a new social skills program at Cold Spring School.  This new program is called PeaceBuilders and it will help us to promote a respectful and caring community of learners.  There's nothing complicated about the PeaceBuilders approach.  In easy to understand and easy to remember steps, it shows the way to a happier, safer, more productive life.

       During this year, all PeaceBuilders at Cold Spring School will be discussing what it means to be a peaceful person.  They are also learning the PeaceBuilders Pledge found below:


PeaceBuilders Pledge


I am a PeaceBuilder.

I Pledge . . .


To praise people


To give up put-downs


To seek wise people


To notice and speak up about hurts I have caused


To right wrongs


To help others



I will build peace at home, at school,

and in my community each day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


The following list is suggested literature to

complement the new PeaceBuilders Program:


                    Dancing in the Wings                         Debbie Allen

                   Someone Special Just Like You            Tricia Brown

                   Simons Hook                                     Karen Burnette

                  The Brand New Kid                              Katie Couric

                  Oliver Button is a Sissy                        Tomie DePaola

                  Chicken Chickens                                Valeri Gorbacher

                  Grandpa’s Face                                   Eloise Greenfield

                  I’m Sorry                                           Sam McBratney

                 The Life if Abraham Lincoln                   Kiki Mosher

                 We Share Everything                            Robert Munsch

                 The Great Peace March                         Holly Near

                 It’s Ok to be Different                           Todd Par

                 The Peace Book                                   Todd Par

                 That’s Mean                                         Gervais Pittau

                 Peace Begins with You                          Katherine Scholes

                 When I Feel Angry                               Cornelia Maude Spelman

                 How to Take the Grr out of Anger          Elizabeth Verdick

                 Words are not Hurting                          Elizabeth Verdick