8th Grade Rehearsal and Celebration Information for Thursday 6/21/2018




REHEARSAL – 7:45-10:00 a.m.

· 7:45 a.m. – All bus transportation 8th grade students will be dropped off at Belchertown High School in the morning, (NOT AT JABISH  BROOK!!) Students are to proceed directly to the high school auditorium for the rehearsal.

· All Eighth Grade students who are driven to school need to be brought to the high school.  If there are any transportation problems, please contact Mr. Ruscio immediately!!!

· Mrs. Vigneux, BHS Principal will speak to all eighth grade students regarding expectations at the high school level.

 · Mr. Ruscio will speak to the class and conduct the rehearsal for the celebration.

  10:00 a.m. – Transportation will be provided by the school from BHS to Jabish Brook Middle School.



· All students will be seated alphabetically in the front rows of the auditorium.  A name card will be placed on your assigned seat, and will remain there for the evening performance.

  After a welcoming speech from Mr. Ruscio and the introduction of all of next years officers and student council members, students will be asked to stand, one row at a time, to the side of the auditorium.

· Students will then proceed to the podium, located on the floor of the auditorium, to receive their certificates of recognition.

· Students will then proceed back to their seats, one at a time, by rows.  When an entire row has completed receiving their awards, the next row will stand, proceed to the side, and begin to receive their awards.  This process will be     done until the entire class has been presented their awards.

·  A slideshow of pictures from the past school year at JBMS will be displayed on the main front screen.  Parents, faculty and students will remain seated in the auditorium until the end of the slide show.


8th GRADE CELEBRATION:  THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 2018, 6:00pm – 9:30pm

The celebration will be held at Belchertown High School.  There are approximately 600 seats available for family and friends to attend the event. Due to limited seating, we ask family and friends of the 200 eighth grade students to please limit the number of guests to 3 per student.  This ceremony will represent a transition for many of our students to the high school, it will also provide a location with ample seating, parking and air conditioning for everyone interested in attending the event. Parking is available at the far end of the high school, near the cafeteria, for building access to Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

The ceremony is scheduled to take approximately one hour for parents and guests in attendance.  The schedule provided represents directions for both students and parents in understanding what to expect for the event.  Students, at the completion of the ceremony, will be available to briefly meet with parents in the main lobby after the ceremony. Students will then be asked to proceed to the dance, being held in the high school cafeteria, and parents will be asked to promptly pick up students from the dance at 9:30 pm.

This event is intended to be a semi-formal event, and does not represent a “graduation” from school.  Our students have four more years of hard work ahead of them in order to achieve a diploma. While we wish to recognize their accomplishments and development as they move on to high school, we wish to convey the expectation to hear great things about each of our students next year. There is much work to be done….



· The dress code is casual dress attire.  No jeans or shorts, button shirts for boys; dresses, skirts  or dress pants for girls.

· 5:45 PM - Students are expected to arrive by 5:45 pm at the Belchertown High School auditorium.  The event will begin promptly at 6:00 pm.

· After Celebration – students meet with families and then proceed directly to the cafeteria for the dance.



· 7:00 PM – The Aloha Dance begins for eighth grade students only and ends at 9:30 p.m.

· There is no charge for the event and pizza and drinks will be available for all students!

·  If donating a dessert or snack item for the Aloha Dance, please drop it off in the cafeteria before the Celebration.

If there are any questions, please contact your classroom teachers, Mrs. Cousland or Mr. Ruscio.  Your classroom teachers are the ones who make this event possible! Be sure to thank them!