March 12-16th Announcements & Rotation Schedule

This weeks rotation schedule:  Monday 3-12-18 Day A- 1234567, Tuesday 3-13-18 Day B- 2345671, Wednesday 3-14-18 Day C- 3456712

Thursday 3-15-18 Day D- 4567123, Friday 3-16-18 Day E- 5671234

Congratulations to the winners of the 8th grade boys 3 on 3 Basketball tournament. Kiernan Corish, Nolan Otto, and Grayson MarquesToday, Thursday 3-15, the 7th grade boys tournament will continue, and we will start the 7th & 8th grade girls tournaments.

ATTENTION ALL 8TH GRADE STUDENTS: Just a reminder that the BHS Course Selection Forms need to be returned by Friday, March 16th.  They need to be completely filled out and signed by both teachers and parent/guardians.  Every 8th grader needs to fill on e out regardless of your current plans for next year.

This month t Banking Days will be Wednesday, March 14, 2018 and Wednesday, 3-28-18

JBMS School Dance Friday, March 16th 7PM-9:30PM  Admission is $5.00

JBMS Mid Term Progress Reports sent by secure email

Breakfast is available every day for $1.00.  Those approved for free or reduced lunch also get free or reduced breakfast.