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As we get close to summer vacation, the Belchertown School Garden is starting to bloom!  This fresh garden salad was made at BHS using lettuce and radishes from the school garden.  Yummy!



Belchertown Public Schools Food Service Department

Breakfast is now being served at all schools in the district.  Breakfast costs $1 for students who pay full price for meals, $.30 for students approved for reduced price meals, and is free for students approved for free meals.  Breakfast is a grab & go model featuring whole grains, fruit & milk. Offered whole grains include a variety of cereals, bagels, and bakery items.  Fruit is a variety of fresh, canned & dried fruit, as well as 100% juice.  Milk includes 1% and fat free white, strawberry, & chocolate milk. Additional items may include yogurt, string cheese, sunbutter, cottage cheese, and fruit & yogurt smoothies.  The daily menu will feature the main option only, but there will always be 1-2 alternatives available.  Bright and colorful signage and cafeteria staff assist students to create a complete meal.  Gluten and allergy sensitive options are available.

Free and Reduced meal applications can be submitted at any time during the year.  To fill out a Free and Reduced meal application, click here or pick one up at central office, or the main office of any school. Please fill out the accompanying disclosure form and return to the school with the application if you would like to be considered for other discounted school-related fees.  

Be aware that extra portions, second meals, a la carte items, and morning snack milk (elementary only) are NOT included in the free or reduced price lunch program and these items cost all students the same prices, regardless of eligibility.

Monthly menus can be found at the bottom of this page. Belchertown School Meals are planned using Nutri-kids software. This software enables parents to view the nutritional content of the school lunches; click "View Nutrients" on any given day of the school menu.  If you are a parent of a new student with food allergies, please contact the nurse at the school your child attends.  A doctor's note is needed to make any food substitutions. 

School meals must be pre-paid as the district does not allow charging.  Please click here to read our District Meal Charge policy.  Parents/Guardians can pre-pay online at , with cash in an envelope with student's full name written, or with a check made payable to "Town of Belchertown" with students full name written in the memo section.  Be advised, there is a $2 fee for every deposit made online, so parents are encouraged to pre-pay for as many meals and a la carte items as they can comfortably afford to avoid paying multiple deposit fees.  The district does NOT receive any financial benefit from parents paying online.  The $2 fee is charged to the program from banks for providing secure online fund collection.  Regardless of your preferred method of payment, visit and sign up for a free account to view itemized cafeteria transactions and deposit information in real time.  

Click here to see instructions on setting up your '' account.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns related to school food service, please contact me directly.  

Kelly Slattery, RD, LDN
Food Service Director
(413) 323-0442 

Offering All Students Fresh & Healthy Meals Every Day